Workshops and master classes ranging from half day to 10 days with Prof. Taç Romey, expert in serial storytelling, and Markus Walsch, cross-media producer, screenwriter and AI-storyteller.

Film & series development and screenwriting – powered by Artificial Intelligence: In this top-notch and proven master class, you will learn from experienced experts and writers how to use Artificial Intelligence as a staff writer for the development of series and films. You’ll experience how AI inspires your writers‘ room and try out different tools that professionals already use in their visual storytelling.

Plus: Networking with professionals, personalized feedback, handout & guide for your daily work, exclusive access to our closed expert group CreAItive Writers.




„This workshop is a lifehack for brainstorming and screenwriting.“
L., Creative Producer, Munich


► Serial and cinematic Storytelling: Professional tools and trends you need to know. Scientifically based. From the horse’s mouth.
► CreAItive Pingpong: How to engage in creative dialogue with AI.
► Idea, synopsis and outlines with AI

► Virtual emotional writing (beta)
► Character building with AI powered Moral Compass
► Developing screenplays, scenes and dialogues with AI

► Creating episode guides and beat sheets
► AI powered Writers‘ Room
► You test different AI tools that really work
► Virtual Audiences and Personas

Anthropic Claude as a development consultant
► What can AI do already, what not?

► Performance of GPT-4 vs. other LLMs
► Bots and Agents


Subject to change | Number of participants limited | Prior knowledge of cinematic/serial storytelling of advantage.


This workshop is like a lifehack for brainstorming and screenwriting.

Louis, Creative Producer, Munich

The workshop is a must for all people interested in dramaturgy and technology. Highly recommended!

André, Performance Marketer, Munich

The workshop was extremely well received. Grandiose!

Susanne, Design Thinkin Coach, Munich

Fascinating workshop! I can only warmly recommend it to everyone who is dealing with the topic of AI and creative writing!

Patrick, author and communication architect, Bern

This workshop is an excellent motivator to enter this new world, to discover it with pleasure and joy of writing, and to learn how AI can support us.

Nathalie, TV writer, Zurich

A wild workshop ride, an eye-opener with a strong inclination towards practical application, a grateful exchange on the cutting edge and even further.

Heiko, author and dramaturge, Potsdam

The workshop showed me possibilities to let AI support me in developing and writing series and inspired and motivated me in a completely new way. Many thanks for these enlightening days in the „All new AI-Writersroom“.

Tobias, screenwriter, Munich

I enjoyed spending my Saturday at the computer for this: Chat GPT in hands-on application. It was a
pleasure to be guided professionally and personally, step by step to a very presentable result.
to be guided. Thank you!

Christian, Author and Professional Sales Manager, Berlin

Thank you very much for the exciting insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence! Indeed, you were able to take away my initial skepticism during the approximately 4h with the practical and hands-on examples and show me possible ways to apply it. I am fascinated by what is already feasible today and how AI will change and personalize even further. I am now looking forward to working with my new digital office buddy „AI“ – hope we will complement each other great 🙂

Theresa, Marketing Expert, Bern

It is incredibly fun to make AI your own sparring partner. Taç Romey and Markus Walsch make this possible for you, because they accompany you as a team of experts with a high quality seminar – I’ll definitely do it again!

Marc, Author, Berlin

Taç‘ and Markus‘ seminar on AI for screenwriters and media professionals reignited my enthusiasm for the topic. AI is an absolute game-changer for our industry. Central topics were „machine learning“, „language processing“ and image creation with Artificial Intelligence. We also learned the basics of prompting and dialogue with AI. And finally, the big question that was on everyone’s mind at the beginning was answered: Human ingenuity and human innovation still have an overriding importance in the creative process.

Martha, Developer, Cologne